Interesting Links

Links Retro detroiter
Bob-Lo Boats Columbia and Ste. Claire, history of the island and the ferry companies, vintage Detroit postcards and photos that focused on Detroit and its history
Links The Boblo Boat SS Ste. Claire
This site has the latest information regarding the status of the boat.
Links Tribute to The Boblo Boats 1902-1991
This is the main site of the Boblo boats.
Links The SS Columbia Project
The SS Columbia Project is dedicated to restoring and operating America’s oldest surviving passenger steamer.
Links USS Washington Home Port
Check out this great site on the Historic World War 2 Battleship. The USS Washington BB56.
Links Steve King and the Dittilies
Steve King and the Dittilies - one of the icons of the Bolo boat!
Links Summer Dreams
The Story of Bob-lo Island By Patrick Livingston

Links The Boblo Island Community
What's happening now on Boblo Island
Links The Art of Leo Kuschel
Great Lakes Maritime History preserved in Art
Links The Great Lakes Maritime Museum
Where several Boblo sailors are honored.
Links River Rouge Historical Museum.
Links Howard Wright Photography and Web Design.
Artistic Photography Galleries & More